A miniature RPG by Arthur DiBianca. (Email)

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Black Knife Dungeon game file 675 kB
Strategy Guide (spoilers) 7 kB


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I had a lot of fun with this. Loved the puzzly aspect of the combat and exploration, and figuring out how various enemies/rooms/items work (the ring was by far my favourite power to use). The last part was a bit too grindy  for me - I had to try many times to meet that one goal and since there weren't any more things to buy, gold became useless, and  it felt like I didn't accomplish  a thing on many of my runs. But overall, this was a really nice and addictive little RPG.

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"I also recommend this amazing sapphire RING that will allow you to make a variety of magical attacks. It draws power from the dungeon itself! You may have it for 60 crowns."

>buy ring

You buy the ring and slip it on. Now you can type POWER (P) to use it! Note, using the ring will drain a few hit points.

THANKS, Varnthlorian. Draws power from the "dungeon", sure.

I mean, it did end up drawing from the dungeon but this made me laugh. :P

I like how you combine learning with the game, where rather than just building up your combat skills you have to pay attention and figure out patterns. That seems to be a common trend in your games. 

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Thanks for the feedback! I want to ask, is it possible for you to edit the comment to remove the spoilers? (If you could remove the last paragraph, I'd appreciate it.)

I put it behind rot13 if that works?